Israel’s prime minister just passed me in the line to get coffee nbd


A recent story about the terrible state that is Israel (as everyone on tumblr seems to think);

an israeli soldier called Sean Carmeli made Aliyah to israel to serve in the IDF and left his famliy in Texas.

Sean was killed in Gaza yesterday, and because he was new to the country and didn’t know many people, his family was concerned that nobody would come to his funeral.

The rumor quickly spread around facebook and today, 20,000 people who’ve never met Sean came to say their last goodbye to the national hero. ✡✡✡

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QuestionNo wonder they broke the ceasefire, 2 minutes before it came into effect you murdering arseholes wiped out an entire family. Over 14 people from ONE family. Answer


i was in the control room when it happened… they were warned numerous times to evacuate the place since multiple rockets were fired from there and they were hiding weapons there
they were given directions on where to go to (including a map in case they cant read)
the idf came to their house and told them to get out
theres only much we can do

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I would just like you guys to watch this 2 minute video, and hear it for yourself from someone who grew up to potentially become a leader of Hamas.

"Hamas is not seeking coexistence and compromise, Hamas is seeking conquest and taking over."


hmmm… time for second breakfast.


hmmm… time for second breakfast.

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Isnt it amazing how beautiful people are. Like just look at anyone and study them and their features and how their lips tort and eyes glisten and how their hair falls or sticks or lays. How their eyebrows flex and the way their arms fold, how expressive their hands are. The way their body moves and how their chest rises and falls so subtley with their pulse. People are beautiful even if we dont find them attractive. The fact that they’re a living being is unbelievably magnificent.

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